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Senior Art Show: March 23, 2017

I chose to volunteer for the senior art show to get an idea of how it would be for my own grade next year. Prior to this year, I never paid much attention to the senior art shows. I remember one year when Mr. Sheridan took us to the art show when it was still at an outdoor location, not in the school. Then, the art show did not seem intriguing to me. I think it was a very good idea to just have the art show in the school because it really does capture all the students’ attention and they actually take time to observe everyone’s works. I know I definitely did and I was shocked to see how amazing all the artworks were.

The main thing I worked on for this event was food preparation. The seniors did a nice job of planning the event and including food for the evening. Hopefully, we can do that next year! First, I put together cheese and crackers on platters with Krystal and Margaret. More food, like empanadas and pasta, were ordered and once they arrived, I evenly distributed them to the designated corner rooms on each floor. There were also a lot of water bottles that had to be distributed to the three floors. By the start of the event, these rooms were looking really neat and filled with food, ready to please hungry parents and students.

Once the actual show began, there was not much else to do. All the volunteers walked around with the rest of the guests and admired the paintings and sculptures around the school. Once in a while, we would check to make sure the food rooms were in order. When the event ended, I helped clean up the food rooms, throwing out empty containers and bottles left on the table. Overall, I had fun with this event because I even got to participate in the auction that took place.


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