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Art Studio Organization

For a few consecutive weeks with my friend, I cleaned up the art studio. This included washing paint brushes thoroughly so the paint would not dry on the bristles and ruin the brushes, organizing the sink area, and cleaning out the bins of charcoal, color pencils, and erasers.

Prior to the organization, the sink area was a mess of cups, leftover paint, and palette knives. Afterwards, the whole bottom shelf was designated for cups, the leftover/empty paint containers were thrown out, and palette knives were all put into the same bucket. As for the shelves in the back of the room (where the computers are), there were many buckets with a mix of different materials. Scissors, rulers, colored pencils, charcoal, and erasers littered the area. Now, after organizing the shelves, each bucket contained a different material, lined carefully along the wooden surface. The dust covering the surroundings were also wiped.

I think we did a pretty good job cleaning around the art studio. I decided to volunteer to do this because every day that I have art class, I realize how messy the studio looks and this is because so many students use the materials in class. I wanted to help the community and make things look neater for students to find things easier. Also, I generally really like organizing, so this was practically a “hobby” for me.


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