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Dodgeball: January 13, 2017

I thought today’s dodgeball club would be really fun because a lot more 11th graders came to play, but was I wrong. It started out pretty fun because games went something like “Seniors vs. Juniors”. However, as time passed, more seniors were playing, so they dominated a lot of the games, and the teams were too big to actually enjoy the games. In the end, I was actually really mad because rather than a max of approximately 10 people per team, the people in charge of the club were making games with around 20 people! Games went something like “Seniors and 7th graders vs. 8th, 9th, 10th, AND 11th”. At that point, I stopped playing because it was not fun. I would either stay in the back because there were too many people or go towards the front but get out quicker. That was why this week’s dodgeball club angered me so much. I wish they made teams smaller so people had a chance to actually play. With larger teams, it was hard to do much because the opponent would just aimlessly throw and it would hit somebody among the large crowd of people. One game that was fun to watch was when senior boys went against senior girls. I also managed to take some nice pictures for yearbook because most of the seniors were wearing their senior hoodies, so that looked cool.


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