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Dodgeball: February 10, 2017

Dodgeball was actually fun today because a lot of my grade came, including girls (which they never come except my two friends). The games were decent because it was not too hectic like usual so I can actually move around. Also, I was able to get some people out without them catching my ball (for once!). Because there were so many 11th graders this time, we even had our own game against another grade or two grades. I think another reason why I had fun this week was because I was really stressed for the last two weeks, so I kind of just relaxed and let go of all that.

The only issue I had and probably will always have with dodgeball is the disorganization. The “founding members” of this club use caution tape to section off the lunchroom from the playing area, but by the middle of the club, people have already pulled on it that the tape is useless. Spectators just stand in the way of the play area that you can’t tell who is in the game and who is out. This causes more cheating to happen. Even though a lot of people may get hit, they don’t actually step out of the game. It is really annoying when that happens because most of the time when I get somebody out, they don’t actually get out. And even if I tell Mr. Rabinowitz, he would not care or do anything about it, so I just let it go (but I am always still irritated by the cheaters). I think the main reason it gets to me is because I am a very honest person, so when I get hit, I actually get out and stay out, but other people bend the rules and always go back in. So, while I am waiting and waiting to play in the next game, other people are constantly playing and having fun by going back in the game all the time. =_=


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