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Yearbook: January 25, 2018

I found today’s yearbook meeting very productive. Everyone was working on something and even when they did not have anything to do, they asked and I was able to find something for them to do. Usually, meetings tend to get sidetracked but today, everyone was focused on a certain task. For example, some people were editing pages while others designed new pages for the next batch of submissions. One thing I was disappointed about though, was how we have not finalized our first section yet. The deadline for it was two weeks ago and we still did not send anything in. Though we have many pages done, they were not completely finalized with Mr. Mehan, which is why there was a delay in submitting pages. This is really bad considering our Jostens representative, James, has been asking for submissions for some time now. Hopefully, we can send them in the latest by next week.

Personally, I was working on editing other people’s spreads and looking at the smallest details, like spacing and fonts, to make sure they were uniform with the rest of the book. Normally, I like editing things like this but it was quite boring and repetitive. Oftentimes, I found myself getting lazy with the editing and not fully checking the pages thoroughly. I did manage to get through three spreads though–sports and events. Towards the end of the meeting, things became more laid back. Some of us yearbook members began looking at throwback pictures and videos, which was really nostalgic. Even Mr. Mehan sifted through some old files of his to find throwback pictures he had of us in seventh grade! Ah, the good ol’ times.


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