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Yearbook: January 18, 2018

Today’s meeting was considered “mandatory” and I made sure everyone came because we had a lot to discuss. In the last few meetings, not many people have shown up, so I wanted to make myself clear that yearbook is not a joke. Our first deadline was last week and we still had not submitted any pages. There were still pages left blank that needed to be done. I also wanted to make sure everyone knew what the color scheme, fonts, and spacing were for the entire book. That way, we would all be on the same page (get that pun?).

When I first arrived at the meeting, I was pretty shocked. The whole front table was filled with club members, including new ones who wanted to join. Although they joined pretty late...we still accepted them since more people meant more help (hopefully). I set up accounts for them on the yearbook designing website so they could get started. They were assigned some tasks so they were not just in the club but not doing anything.

After addressing some important information, the meeting somewhat ended. People began leaving and not paying attention, which was sad because we could have done a lot more. But at least the message got across and people knew what they were doing now.


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