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Game 9: October 17, 2017

BSGE vs. Springfield Gardens

Our second game against Springfield Gardens ended in a 2-0 win. This was, by far, the most...interesting game of the entire season. The first half was like any normal game. We played and scored our two goals this half. However, it got really interesting in the second half. Not even fifteen minutes passed before the coach of the other team–who already caused some trouble last time–shouted at the referees for making a “bad call” and calling a foul on one of their girls. Despite the referee being correct in making the decision, the coach proceeded to yell at him, which then escalated into cursing out. As a result, the ref being yelled at whistled one last time, ending the game early. So we won.

This was a pretty crazy end to the game and some of our spectators witnessed it. While we left the field and did our usual ending of a game, clapping hands with the opposing team, everyone was trying to keep from laughing. Even after this, their coach continued to argue with the ref, furious. One girl from their team actually took the goalkeeper’s gloves and threw them at the ref. I felt so bad for him because he did nothing wrong; the other team just had some really bad sportsmanship.

My experience with Springfield Gardens this season was pretty horrendous. In the first game against them, there were some pushing and shoving, I’ll admit. Nothing too serious happened. However, this second game proved that this school has some issues they need to work out. Firstly, their coach needs to control his temper. Secondly, the girls themselves also need some “taming.” Throughout this second game, there were multiple instances when they would shout out threats, saying they would “kill us” or “follow us and beat us up.” It was pretty scary and Coach John literally told us to not leave the park alone after the game. Overall, I am glad we won against them both times because in the end, we were better, skillfully and mentally.


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