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Game 8: October 13, 2017

BSGE vs. John Adams

Our second game against John Adams ended in a 3-0 win. There was nothing super interesting about this game. Luckily, the weather cooperated with us this time (no rain!). I think this time around, John Adams knew they were going to lose because their attitude seemed way too casual and almost laid back throughout the whole game. The girls were actually chatting while playing, which I found funny.

Overall, I think John Adams was a good opponent. Though they did not have high technical skills and did not have that one amazing player to rely on (unlike Goddard), their attitudes were always positive and they were always high-spirited. However, we had to deal with the boys in their school two times because we played at their field twice. Both times, they were quite obnoxious; maybe their tactic was to distract us? But it proved useless since we won both times.


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