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Game 10: October 19, 2017

BSGE vs. Jamaica

Our second game against Jamaica ended in a 9-0 win. We could have won with even more goals, but the opposing team’s coach decided the nine goals were already pretty embarrassing and ended the game early. Two games ended early within two days?? Coach John was really annoyed at this because it was our last game and even though they were losing, their coach should have let the game continue just so the girls could have fun. Also, since the game cut short, some new girls did not get as much playing time as he had hoped, and he felt bad about that.

In the first half, we scored seven out of the nine goals. One goal was actually from me! Again, I was able to score in the game against Jamaica (déjà vu?). I was so happy that I scored one more time before regular season ended. When the second half started, we scored another two goals and it was after our last goal that the opposing coach called it quits. Even though it was their own coach who ended the game early, some of the girls got annoyed and were being rude as they left the field. They even “complimented” us but did so by insulting Coach John.

At the end of the day, I felt really bad for this school. Out of the ten games of this season, they lost nine and won one (but their one victory was from the other school forfeiting). In total, they did not score a single goal. I definitely think not scoring a single goal all season weakened their mental state. Additionally, towards the end of the season, they actually did not have enough girls to make up a full team. I think at that point, most girls quit, leaving them with only ten members instead of eleven. I also disliked how their coach ended both of our games early. Even though she wanted to save them from more misery, I wish we had more time to play because it was really fun. I cannot believe the regular season is over already. Luckily, we still have the first round of playoffs in the coming week that I am so excited about.


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