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Game 6: October 1, 2017

Our game against Hillcrest ended in a 4-2 win. This was a really big accomplishment for us because this team was just as good as Goddard with an incredible record. It was also pretty close in the end and they definitely did not give up without a fight.

Prior to this game, Coach hosted the annual team breakfast at the Georgia Diner in Elmhurst. Since this game was on the weekend and not until noon time, we decided to have a meal beforehand. It was a great time and really helped strengthen our bond as a team.

During this entire game, we worked pretty hard with no break because they were really determined to win. I think they went into this game thinking they were going to win. That is why in the first half, we led 2-1. However, in the second half, they tried really hard. They managed to score another goal to tie. But in the end, we also got another two goals, making the final score 4-2. Towards the end actually, the opposing team began to fall apart and started yelling at each other because they were stressed.

This game felt like a proper win because of how difficult it was to beat the opposing team; our victory proved we played well.


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