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Game 5: September 18, 2017

BSGE vs. Jamaica

Our game against Jamaica ended in a 6-0 win. Not only was this a clean sheet game, but this was the day I got my very first goal in an official game! I was so ecstatic to finally score, especially since I had three failed attempts in the first half. Other girls who were new to the team also scored and I was happy for them too. One negative thing from this game, though, was that the opposing team’s coach decided to end early because they were losing so badly.

I was a starter for this game once again, but this time as the center forward (striker), which gave me so much anxiety. Once the game started though, I actually felt more comfortable in this position than the wing position because there was not much running involved. At this point of the season, my fitness was still lacking because I never exercised much prior to joining the soccer team. That was why running for only a few minutes tired me out so quickly. However, as center forward, I mainly just had to stand level with the last defender of the opposing team to be as close to their goal without being offside. Then when the ball came to me, I was able to run with it to the goal. In the first half, I had many opportunities to score, but I failed those first few times I shot. One shot I had went into the goal but I apparently kicked the ball out of the goalkeeper’s hands, so it did not count. Another one went right directly into the goalkeeper’s hands. At this point, I felt very disappointed in myself. After many failed attempts, Coach John pulled me out of the game until the half ended.

About ten to fifteen minutes passed in the second half before Coach called my name. Walking up to him, I felt very nervous and lacked confidence. Luckily, he was not ready to give up on me, motivating me to “kick the damn ball” when I had the chance. I went back on the field, more ready than ever. The greatest moment of my soccer experience came after being on the field for ten more minutes. Sam kicked the ball to me and I ran with it towards the opposing goal. Despite having no defenders around me, I continued running until I was only a few feet from the goalkeeper. Once I knew I was confident enough in my shot, I took it. The ball curved into the goal, inches from the goalkeeper’s hands.

This was possibly the best game I had because I made my first goal. During the year before while trying out for soccer and practicing every week in the summer, I never had confidence in my technical skills or fitness. There were multiple times when I wanted to quit because of my fears. Thank goodness I did not do that because there is no better feeling than scoring your first goal after only half a year of playing varsity soccer and no prior experience with the sport.


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