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Game 4: September 26, 2017

BSGE vs. Springfield Gardens

Our game against Springfield Gardens ended in a 5-2 win. Despite winning, we really did not feel like this was a victory because of our mental state after this game. There was a lot about this game that angered/irritated both us girls and Coach John.

At first, the Springfield Gardens coach seemed nice and welcoming, letting us use their facilities. However, while warming up, he responded rudely to our coach only because Coach John told the opposing team to move over on the field so we had half the field to practice in. Then while the game was happening, their coach kept stepping on the field when he was not supposed to. The referees did not do anything about this though they should have. Additionally, throughout the game, the girls on the opposing team were so rough. They pushed and pulled us, screaming insults in their own language. Another annoying part of the game was that the referees did not call any handballs for the other team despite some of them clearly being handballs. They only called out our handballs and fouls. Actually, one of their goals was completely illegal and the refs still counted it. One other major thing that happened was while warming up, Annie ended up breaking her finger while practicing goalkeeping when Coach John kicked the ball to her. It was very unexpected and stressful, but luckily, Kacey stepped into the position and did a pretty good job as temporary goalkeeper.

My playing time in this game was very limited. This was the first time I was a starter and I felt like I failed miserably. This field seemed a lot longer and I was playing as a winger, so that meant more running was required. As a result, after fifteen minutes, I was already tired and had to step out of playing. I never ended up going back into the game, which saddened me. At the same time, I was a bit relieved because those Springfield Gardens girls were quite vicious and genuinely scared me. I guess it was a good thing that after all the discrimination against us, we came out victorious in the end. That definitely made up for our treatment this game.


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