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Game 3: September 19, 2017

BSGE vs. John Adams

Our game against John Adams ended in a 2-1 win. Our first win! This was a very close game and my heart was aching with anxiety the whole time.

This day did not have the best weather for playing soccer. It rained, the turf was wet, and the overall atmosphere was dreary. As a result, I think everyone’s performance reflected on it. Though we won, Coach John actually said we played poorly, which I agree. This team was one of the easy teams in our league and we could have easily beat them with more goals than two. After all, we lost to an undefeated team by one goal just last week. But I think the rain was messing with our ability to play and we all performed lazily.

We played at the John Adams high school and therefore, many spectators from the school sat on the bleachers. Of those spectators were some obnoxious boys trying to distract us (despite their cheering for our team…). Luckily, that did not work because we won in the end. Our first goal happened in the second half. Throughout the whole first half, nothing exciting was happening; no goals. Finally, we got our first goal of the season from Betsy and it was amazing. Towards the end of the second half, Annie, our goalkeeper, slipped up and ended up letting of the balls roll in. It was heartbreaking for the team and especially her. She broke down crying and all of our girls on the field ran to her to calm her and support her. At this point, I was pretty scared. A tie was better than a loss, but I really wanted to win. Then, at the last few minutes, we scored another goal! There was literally a couple minutes left, but I continued to hold my breath until the whistle blew to celebrate. The whistle blew and everyone on the bench jumped up screaming. We won!!


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