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Game 2: September 12, 2017

Updated: Jan 31, 2018

BSGE vs. Robert H. Goddard HS of Commun Arts and Tech

Our game against Robert H. Goddard HS of Commun Arts and Tech ended in a 1-0 loss. Though this was only our second game, Coach John and Assistant Coach Mehan kept repeating that our performance was amazing. Going into this, we knew that Goddard had an incredible record. Last year, they were undefeated with twelve wins. Already, we were skeptical of our chances of winning. Nevertheless, we had a really strong defense and it was not until the last few minutes that they scored their one goal.

This game started dangerously enough as both teams arrived pretty late. We only had about half an hour to spare due to train delays. When we arrived on the field, we quickly began our warm ups and stretches. We also did not have our uniforms because they shipped from Texas where the hurricane just happened. It was pretty hectic as Coach John scrambled to make sure each player had temporary uniforms on with taped numbers in the front and back.

Throughout the whole ninety minutes, stress levels were high. Multiple times, Goddard came close to scoring. The same thing happened to our offense as last game: Sam was bombarded by the opposing defense so we did not have many scoring opportunities. I went in once or twice, playing a winger. This was only my second game ever, thus my performance definitely showed inexperience. Around half time, a lot of supporters from our school came and cheered us on. It was exhilarating to have spectators, but also nerve-wracking because the pressure was on. Despite losing, our spirits were still high because we knew we did good, especially with the score being 1-0 from an undefeated team.


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