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Game 1: September 9, 2017

BSGE vs. Queens High School Complex

Our game against Queens High School Complex ended in a 3-0 loss. I thought we played pretty well, considering half the girls on the team were not eligible yet. As a result, we only had three substitutes. I think this was one reason we lost; we could not switch out as many girls when they were tired. Also, this was our first game of the season with the three substitutes, including myself, experiencing their first game playing soccer in their whole life. Prior to this year, I had zero experience with varsity sports and I was pretty nervous going into this game.

When we first arrived at the field, we could tell we were already at a disadvantage. While we had 14 girls playing, they had almost 20. It was early morning and we were all tired, yawning while getting our cleats and shin guards on. The atmosphere felt too calm for an official soccer game. LFC practiced for about forty-five minutes to an hour, working on passing and keeping the ball away. Things seemed to go according to plan.

Once the game began, I felt my heart drop. Watching the game was more nerve-wracking than playing, I believed, because while watching, you cannot do anything to help the team or prevent the opposing team from scoring. During the game, we also suffered another loss of a player: Kacey’s knee locked in place once again since it was already disabled. She had to stop playing early in the game and that meant one less offence player. Throughout the whole game, our team was unable to shoot because of how many defensive players the opposing team had. Whenever Sam (our center forward) got the ball, she was bombarded by at least three defense members.

I went into the game subbing for Kacey’s midfielder position. This was my very first varsity soccer game and I was very nervous, especially since I was subbing for a key player. I did not think I would do the position justice. The game actually ended up not being too bad while playing. I began to feel comfortable playing an official game, although I know I did not play too well. Yes, I kicked the ball a few times and did a weird trick that actually worked in our favor, but most of the time, I was unsure where I should be or what I should be doing. This is where the lack of experience came in and it was obvious. Sadly, we lost but it was just our first game. We still had the whole season ahead of us.


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