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BSGE Blackout

Blackout was the first party of the year and pretty successful, if I do say so myself. In total, with ticket sales both in advance and at the door and snack selling during the party, Senior Council made exactly $1000! Considering the last few weeks were made up of small bake sales making only a maximum of $200, this event helped immensely with our senior dues. The majority of the money came from advanced tickets, but there was also a decent amount of people from other schools who purchased at-door tickets ($9 each!). Since it was hot in the cafeteria during the event, people bought a lot of water. Some Senior Council members actually had to leave the party to buy more water bottles because we finished the two packs we had.

The actual party was fun and I wish I was there for the full four hours, but I missed the first two hours. I had a soccer game before and it ended right as the party started. The field/school we played at was also far away but luckily, Coach John and three parents, including my dad, carpooled a bunch of girls so we did not have to take a 1-hour train ride. After going home to change and get ready, I finally arrived where I was greeted by fellow seniors and lots of sweating underclassmen. I was told that we were already over capacity and though this was supposed to be dangerous, it made me happy that we were able to sell out a full room. I had never previously thrown a school dance so this felt like a big “accomplishment.”

For the rest of the night, I was either dancing with some friends or managing the snack table with some other seniors. Whenever the room got too hot, I went out into the hall or front desk because it really was HOT in the cafeteria. What made it worse was how the windows were open but covered with the folded lunch tables. Not much air circulation was happening because of this. After the last song, we thanked everyone for coming and started cleaning up really quickly. I helped deflate the large polka-dot beach balls we ordered for this dance specifically. To end the night off, the seniors took a group photo, capturing the memories and achievements.


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