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Yearbook: January 12, 2017

Today was a very productive day for me because I worked a lot on my Spirit Week page that I am almost done. Basically, I edited a lot of the layout to incorporate some more pictures and made the page look better. I also rearranged a lot of the pictures so they lined up exactly because Mr. Mehan is very keen on pictures being aligned. I think my spreadsheet can be submitted in soon, which will be very good for our progress. The next steps I have to do now is to take the “professional” pictures of all the clubs so I can start putting them into the yearbook. The bad thing is that all the ninth graders who had joined yearbook club at the beginning of the year quit, and they were part of my group’s task of Student Life. Now, I am all alone in this category, which is really bad because now I have to do a lot of the work. Luckily, Stella from the 12th grade is helping me.


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